It is with great regret that I inform you that this event has been cancelled.  Thank you for your interest.

Please visit our past events pages to find information about last years event and check back again in 2019.



Panel 1



This event is very important to me.
Please reflect on this and if you are so moved, make a donation which you are comfortable with.  Helping others, has always helped me.



A Note from Loretta:

“As a domestic violence survivor, I know personally how frightening and traumatizing it is.  You can listen to my call to 911 that resulted in the arrest of the abuser below. This was a very dark moment in my life, one that I promised myself I would never revisit again. I kept that promise. I am living my life free of violence and abuse. I am a survivor. It is my greatest hope that sharing my story will raise awareness, and to anyone facing intimate partner abuse, please know there is help and there is hope.”


Panel 3


Being part of your amazing event yesterday was – well, amazing!!  I am so thrilled that the Festival had such a great attendance, such wonderful monetary donations, so many people coming together for such a worthwhile cause… It is impossible to put into words how much I admire you for organizing this fabulous day!

I am forever grateful to you for allowing me to be among the supporters of Safe Homes, and also for your cooperation in giving Unshattered a high visibility location & the opportunity to raise awareness of their mission with a new audience.  Thank you, also, for the lovely flowers which are brightening my kitchen with their beauty – a quiet visual reminder of a truly remarkable lady!!  (Will drop off your mason jar sometime soon – and, I can’t wait to see the B&B; I’ve never had a chance to visit before, so this is a nice excuse…)

Again, my gratitude to you is boundless – as is my awe of your talent .  You ROCK & I am sincerely delighted that the universe brought us into contact.  I look forward to next year’s Festival with the greatest of anticipation!

With a big hug,