Fabrizio Grecchi and Daniela Chiarello

Fabrizio Grecchi (Pianist, Composer, Songwriter) will be accompanied by dancer Daniela Chiarello.

About Fabrizio Grecchi

Fabrizio Grecchi RAY TARANTINO

Born in Milan in 1964, Fabrizio Grecchi trained in Pop, Rock and Jazz studies for piano, harmony, composition and also studied for computer-based music. He has over twenty years of experience in arranging, orchestrating, composing, mixing and midi-mockup programming.

Fabrizio Grecchi is the arranger, orchestrator and author of several soundtracks and he realized music for documentary, written and orchestrated music for Musicals and theatrical productions, jingles, signature and advertising tunes.

He wrote original music for: Giorgio Armani Fashion, Italian Government Ecology dpt, Carcano Theatre, Milano Film Festival, Lugano (ch) Film Festival, Giuseppe Verdi Off Festival, Bang To the Heart Ballet ( Edimburgh )

Also as musician Fabrizio plays in tours with Cover and Tribute Bands and Tv Show performed by: Andrea Bocelli, Laura Pausini, Premiata Forneria Marconi, Fabio Roveroni Band.
Also he won Prizes for his composition in different styles.

Mr. Grecchi is an appreciate teacher working with children and teen ager bands exploring new ways for teaching Jazz, Rock and Pop.

He can be a singer too and plays Acoustic/Electric Guitars and Bass.

About Daniela Chiarello

Daniela Chiarello

Daniela Chiarello is a qualified personal dance teacher and choreographer.

The majority of her training and teaching is based on the Vaganova ballet technique and she has been continuously expanding her expertise with master classes in dance and with Pilates workshops in Milano, London Pineapple and Danceworks  and New York at Steps on Broadway.